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All scheduled 341 hearings will be conducted remotely via Zoom Video conference and will be recorded.

Zoom Meeting Information

Join the Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 2750840973
Passcode: 3574962738

To join the Zoom meeting, please go to Evangelista Zoom Meeting Link. Please enter the meeting ID 2750840973 and passcode 3574962738. To join the meeting by phone, please dial 1-947-214-5384 and enter passcode 3574962738.

Video/Phone Etiquette Guidelines

Although taking place in a virtual environment, participants should dress and conduct themselves as though they are appearing for any court-related proceeding. Attorneys should instruct clients to name their devices appropriately, keep their devices on mute until their case is called, and be in a quiet place without any background distractions or noise. A more in-depth explanation of video etiquette can be found below.

The following video/phone etiquette guidelines will be required of all parties:

  • Mute the call/audio while your meeting is not being held.
  • Speak clearly and hold the camera steady.
  • Limit background noise while your hearing is being held.
  • Debtors and counsel are to be at a set location for the duration of the hearing, and not in transit to allow for full attention to be given to the questions being asked. High-speed internet access is recommended.
  • Only debtors and their counsel, as well as creditors or interested parties, will be allowed in the hearing, i.e., no “moral support” or supplementary answers are to be provided by friends or family.
  • Debtors must have the following documents available to them at the remote meeting site.
    • Copies of signature pages and entire copies of the Voluntary Petition
    • Declaration of Schedules
    • Statement of Financial Affairs
    • Form 22A (Means Test Form)

Please provide the Debtor(s) with the Bankruptcy Information Sheet and make sure they read it before the meeting. You can download it in English and many other languages here: https://www.justice.gov/ust/bankruptcy-information-sheet-0

Directions for Zoom Meeting

Counsel and Debtors if you need more information on how to use Zoom, please go to Instructions for Joining a Zoom ? 341(a) Meeting of Creditors (justice.gov)

For more information about the Chapter 7 Meeting of Creditors with visit https://pages.trustesolutions.com/TrusteeEvangelista


All Emails & Phone Calls Will Be Returned As Soon As Possible.

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