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Sterling Heights Bankruptcy Attorney

Sterling Heights Bankruptcy Attorney

When unexpected events happen that leave you with less available spending money, it can leave you scrambling to pay your monthly obligations. As you delay paying one bill to satisfy another, the entire situation can quickly snowball. Before you know it, you are past due on everything and facing heavy fines, late fees, and harassing credit collection calls. You have two choices in this type of situation. You can continue struggling in vain to keep up while your credit rating crashes, or you can reach out to Sterling Heights bankruptcy attorney Karen E. Evangelista for help.  

The Struggle to Stay on Top of Overwhelming Debts

Falling behind on your bills is literally a no-win situation. The further behind you get, the harder it is to ever get caught up. Part of the problem is the way that companies who extend credit typically work. While credit cards and other lenders are subject to oversight from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and governed by strict regulations, they still engage in shady practices. Extending large amounts of credit, charging high interest rates or annual fees, and imposing pricey penalties for late payments are among the most common. 

In this situation, one unexpected event in your life can easily throw you off balance. As an experienced Sterling Heights bankruptcy attorney, Karen E. Evangelista provides the trusted guidance you need in this situation. She helps people facing debt problems as a result of the following: 

  • Job losses and drops in income;
  • Personal problems, such as mental health issues or a divorce;
  • Increased family obligations, such as the birth of a child or taking care of an older loved one;
  • Medical issues, such as accidental injuries and unexpected illnesses;
  • Tax issues, in which judgments and liens drain your accounts.  

In some cases, it is simply a matter of over-extending yourself. If this describes your situation, be assured we all make these types of mistakes in life. There is no reason you and your family should have to needlessly suffer from them. 

Bankruptcy May Provide a Solution

When debts pile up to the point that you cannot get caught up or meet basic living expenses, bankruptcy may provide the solution you need. Our Sterling Heights bankruptcy attorney can guide you through the process in the Eastern District of Michigan Bankruptcy Court, helping you eliminate the following types of debts: 

  • Credit card balances;
  • Personal loans;
  • Medical bills;
  • Past due rent or utility bills;
  • Court judgments;
  • Unpaid taxes and penalties.  

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There are solutions to put an end to debt problems. Contact Sterling Heights bankruptcy attorney Karen E. Evangelista to request a consultation today.   


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