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Roseville Bankruptcy Lawyer

Roseville Bankruptcy Lawyer

Most people take pride in staying on top of their finances, managing their expenses, and paying monthly debts. Unfortunately, and regardless of how conscientious you are in such matters, situations can arise which cause you to fall behind. As an experienced Roseville, MI bankruptcy lawyer, Karen E. Evangelista offers solutions to people facing this predicament. She provides the trusted legal guidance you need in weighing your options, with the goal of helping you regain your financial security. 

Trusted Legal Guidance for People Falling Behind in Debts

According to credit reporting agency Experion, U.S. consumers owe roughly $13 trillion dollars in debt, with each individual carrying tens of thousands in terms of credit card balances, car loans, student loans, and other types of bills. At these levels, unexpected events can easily happen in life, causing you to fall behind in your monthly payments. 

When this occurs, it can have a snowball effect. In addition to the already high monthly interest rates you pay, one missed month can result in heavy penalties and late fees while your phone begins ringing with credit collection calls. They may threaten legal actions as the total amount you owe steadily increases, making it nearly impossible to ever get caught up. 

Roseville, MI bankruptcy lawyer Karen E. Evangelista provides solutions for people facing this situation. She can help determine if bankruptcy might be the best option for you to eliminate the following types of debts: 

  • Credit card balances;
  • Finance company loans;
  • Past due balances on vehicles;
  • Unpaid rent and utilities;
  • Medical bills;
  • Student loans;
  • Judgments and liens;
  • Certain types of tax debts. 

Find Out if Bankruptcy is the Right Solution for You

Bankruptcy was established as a way to help honest consumers deal with unexpected situations, overwhelming debts, and unfair credit practices. For people in Roseville, a petition filed through the Eastern District of Michigan Bankruptcy Court will immediately put a stop to harassing credit collection calls while providing the breathing room you need to regain your financial footing. 

As an experienced Roseville, MI bankruptcy lawyer, Karen E. Evangelista can help you determine if this is the best option in your case. Those who can benefit the most often face the following types of situations: 

  • Job losses and reductions in income;
  • Personal problems, such as divorce;
  • Accidental injuries and chronic illnesses;
  • Increased family obligations, such as the birth of a child or caring for an older parent. 

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Bankruptcy can help relieve the pressure of unpaid debts while helping you regain financial security. To discuss your options, contact our Roseville, MI bankruptcy lawyer and request a consultation today.   


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