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Oakland County Bankruptcy Lawyers

Oakland County Bankruptcy Lawyers

Many people in Oakland County are struggling to pay their bills because of COVID-19. This could be because they lost their jobs, had medical bills or other unexpected expenses, had to rely on credit cards to pay bills, or many other reasons. No matter why you have financial stress, one thing is true – there are ways to fix your debt worries, and you don’t have to wait to learn about them from Oakland County bankruptcy lawyers. We understand the stress you’re under, and our firm is here to help. 

Meeting with a Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy is sometimes a good choice for people who have debt. The first question a lawyer will try to answer is whether bankruptcy is the right move for you. We can look over your debts, income, and other financial information and let you know if we think that bankruptcy is something that can help you out of your difficult situation.

If we do think that bankruptcy can help fix your money problems caused by COVID-19, the next question is what type of bankruptcy is best. There are different kinds of bankruptcy cases, and we can help you decide which one is right for you. The main options are:

  • Chapter 7This is a quicker process that gets rid of many types of debts. You won’t have to make any additional payments on these debts during your case, but you might have to give up some property in exchange for not having to pay these debts. 
  • Chapter 13 – If you have higher income or a lot of property that you don’t want to lose, you might choose to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This does not take any of your property away from you, but it does take longer and requires payments to the court before you can get rid of your debt. 

Once we help you know what type of case to file, we can begin the process. We know how confusing things can be, so we carefully explain bankruptcy and what it means for you.

Steps in a Bankruptcy Case

Like any other legal case, there are certain steps you have to take to have a successful bankruptcy during COVID-19. Our law firm can:


  • Tell you all the financial information and papers we will need
  • Use your information to fill out all the necessary paperwork to start your case
  • File your paperwork with the right bankruptcy court
  • Tell the judge if there are any problems, like creditors coming after you when you have already filed a bankruptcy case
  • Make sure you meet all requirements to finish your case
  • Protect as much of your property as possible
  • Be there to help you during any meetings with the bankruptcy trustee or in court
  • Take care of any hiccups that might come up
  • Make sure that all possible debts are taken care of at the end of your case

Bankruptcy can be a confusing process, and you don’t need any more stress in your life than you already have. That’s why we are here to help every step of the way.

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If you want to know how you can get rid of some of your money worries caused by COVID-19, be sure to meet with Oakland bankruptcy attorney Karen Evangelista. Contact us to learn more today.


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