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Oakland County Bankruptcy Attorney

Oakland County Bankruptcy Attorney

Credit card companies and other lending institutions are happy to allow you to run up significant balances while charging high interest rates and other fees. When unexpected circumstances cause you to fall behind in payments, collection calls and legal actions can make life a nightmare. As an experienced Oakland County bankruptcy attorney, Karen E. Evangelista provides the legal help people in these situations need. She can guide you in options to eliminate these debts, helping you get back on your feet. 

Break the Cycle of Debt

According to CNBC News reports, the average American owes close to $40,000 in debts. This amount does not include mortgages, rent, or other monthly expenses. For the most part, it is largely comprised of credit card balances and personal loans. 

Credit companies have a strong incentive to allow consumers to become overextended. High-interest rates bring in large amounts of money for them. If you do fall behind, they charge outrageous late fees and other penalties. As you continue to struggle in paying minimum balances, the actual amount you owe just keeps increasing. As a result, you can end up getting behind on rent, utilities, or other payments. 

As an experienced Oakland County bankruptcy attorney, Karen E. Evangelista helps her clients break this cycle of debt. She can show you how bankruptcy may be an option for eliminating monthly payments which can drag you down. These include: 

  • Credit card bills;
  • Loans made through banks or finance companies;
  • Medical debts;
  • Unpaid utilities;
  • Certain types of tax debts;
  • Court judgments and liens. 

Is Bankruptcy an Option in Your Case?

The Eastern District of Michigan Bankruptcy Court handles cases involving bankruptcy filed by residents in Oakland County, MI. It provides a way for honest people who are the victims of unexpected circumstances and their lenders greed to regain their footing and rebuild their financial security. 

Oakland County bankruptcy attorney Karen E. Evangelista provides the trusted guidance you need to determine if this might be the best option for you. Situations in which you may be eligible to file include: 

  • When you are facing job losses or reductions in income;
  • When you are dealing with personal problems, such as a divorce;
  • When you experience serious illnesses or accidental injuries;
  • When you face additional family obligations, such as the birth of a child or providing for older adult family members. 

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Bankruptcy may be the best solution to your financial problems. To find out more about it,  contact our Oakland County bankruptcy attorney and request a consultation today.   


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