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Macomb County Bankruptcy Attorney

Macomb County Bankruptcy Attorney

When unexpected events in life cause you to fall behind in your debts, the result can be a living nightmare. You will likely find yourself being hounded by credit collectors demanding payment and threatening all types of legal actions. At the same time, you may be facing shut-off notices for utilities and threats of eviction for unpaid rent. In this situation, it is important to realize you are not alone. Macomb County bankruptcy attorney Karen E. Evangelista is here to help. She can guide you in options to help eliminate your debts, protecting the funds you do have and helping you regain your financial stability. 

Struggling With Debt? You are Not Alone

Do you owe large outstanding balances to a variety of creditors and wonder whether you will ever get caught up? If so, it is important to realize you are not alone. According to CreditCards.com, two out of every three adults struggle in keeping up with their debts. While you may think your only option is to continue juggling your finances to cover these bills, the fact is that Macomb County bankruptcy attorney Karen E. Evangelista can guide you in other options available. 

Bankruptcy is a legal process for otherwise honest consumers, helping them to eliminate certain debts when the following situations occur: 

  • Job losses, layoffs, and reductions in work hours or pay;
  • Medical issues, such as chronic illnesses and unexpected injuries;
  • Personal issues, such as divorce or separation;
  • Added responsibilities, such as caring for a sick parent or the birth of a child. 

When these and other issues in life cause you to fall behind in your debts, bankruptcy can provide the relief you need. 

Filing for Bankruptcy in Macomb County

For residents of Macomb County and surrounding areas, a bankruptcy petition can be filed on your behalf in the Eastern District of Michigan Bankruptcy Court. In addition to immediately putting a stop to harassing credit collection calls, it will also temporarily suspend legal actions and repossessions you may have been facing until they can be reasonably resolved. 

As an experienced Macomb County bankruptcy attorney, Karen E. Evangelista helps people in our area get back in control of their finances by helping them eliminate the following types of debts: 

  • Credit card balances;
  • Personal loans;
  • Medical debts;
  • Unpaid rent and utilities;
  • Judgments and liens;
  • Certain types of tax debts and student loans. 

Let Our Macomb County Bankruptcy Attorney Help You

You do not need to struggle with overwhelming debts. To discuss how Karen E. Evangelista can help you, call or contact our Macomb County bankruptcy attorney online to schedule a consultation today.   


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