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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me

Did the COVID-19 pandemic cause money problems for your family? Did you lose your job and fall behind on your bills, or have other reasons why you can’t keep up with your payments? If you are feeling stress because of past-due bills, know that you are not alone. Many households across the country are feeling the same exact stress. 

You should also know that you don’t have to continue struggling to make your payments. If you are too far behind and can’t catch up, there are other options that might be able to help you. Talk to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney near you about a possible bankruptcy case today. 

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a case that takes place in court to address debts that you cannot pay. The law knows that some people run into money trouble, and this is why there is relief available. When you file a Chapter 7 case, you have to tell the court about all of your:

  • Debts and unpaid bills
  • Wages and other income you have in your household
  • Property that you own

If you qualify for Chapter 7, the court can wipe out most of your debts at the end of your case. If you have property, you might have to give some up in order to have your debts wiped clean. It can be worth it to get rid of the collection calls and letters and to avoid lawsuits filed against you by credit companies. Many people move forward from Chapter 7 in a much better position, and they can take control of their money situation again. 

Is Chapter 7 the Right Choice?

It is normal to wonder whether filing for bankruptcy is the right thing to do. This is a question that you want to talk over with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer. We can review your situation and tell you what we think about your options. 

There are some reasons why Chapter 7 might not be right, such as:

  • You have too much income to qualify
  • You will lose too much property
  • Most of your debts are not able to be wiped out in a Chapter 7 case

If you fall into one of these situations, there might be other debt-relief options we can help you explore. 

If you do decide to go ahead with a Chapter 7 case, our firm will handle every step of the process for you. We always make sure our clients end up with the least debt possible at the end of a Chapter 7 case. We also work to make sure that you keep as much of your property as possible.

Speak with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Near You Today

If you are worried about your unpaid bills, don’t just let the situation get worse. Instead, set up a meeting with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney near you so we can look at your situation and options. Attorney Karen E. Evangelista helps people in your situation all the time, so contact us today. 


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