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Bankruptcy Attorneys Waterford

Bankruptcy Attorneys Waterford

Money problems can cause lots of stress in your everyday life. If you are struggling to pay the bills, or if you have been avoiding calls from collectors, you should speak to an attorney. We can help you learn about your options if you are facing debt. With our bankruptcy attorneys, Waterford residents can better understand their situation. 

How Bankruptcy Can Help

People end up in debt for many reasons, and as a result, they cannot pay their bills. A few reasons you might be in debt are: 

  • Medical costs due to a sudden illness or injury
  • A family member losing their job that provides for your loved ones
  • Losing a business
  • Bad investment choices
  • Misunderstanding credit cards and other sources of credit

Always be aware that there are choices for you to choose from, no matter what kinds of money problems you have. These options can help you solve your situation. Many people in debt choose to file for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy laws understand that people sometimes need more help in order to get out of debts they can’t pay off. Due to these laws, you can ask the judge to dismiss the debts in a court case. “Discharge” lets you treat debts as though you had already made a complete payment. When your bankruptcy case is over and you win a discharge, you won’t have to stress over paying the debts. You can get instant relief from stress as a result. 

Is Bankruptcy a Good Choice for You?

If you are worried about paying your bills, filing for bankruptcy might be a good option. However, it isn’t the best choice for everyone. First, you should speak to a bankruptcy lawyer who can help you better understand your situation. We will take a look at your:

Using this information, we can let you know if bankruptcy would be the right choice, or if a different option would be better. If money problems are making you feel stressed all of the time, you need to call our law firm as soon as possible to talk about the possibility of filing for bankruptcy. 

Reasons to Work With a Lawyer

While you are not required by law to file bankruptcy with a lawyer, doing so is often a wise choice. Bankruptcy can be hard to understand, and mistakes can hurt the chances of getting the relief you need. A lawyer can:

  • Tell you what kind of bankruptcy you should file
  • Help you with your paperwork and file it with the court
  • Speak to the judge and other people in the case
  • Help you discharge as much of your debt as possible
  • Make it more likely to keep some of your property

Bankruptcy is harder than most people may realize. Instead of trying to do it all alone, which can increase your stress, talk to a lawyer about your debt. 

With the Help of Bankruptcy Attorneys, Waterford Residents Can Move Forward

Karen E. Evangelista, PC, is ready to help you find solutions to your debt so you don’t have to be stressed about your money. To speak to bankruptcy attorneys, Waterford residents can call our office


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