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Auburn Hills Bankruptcy Attorney

Auburn Hills Bankruptcy Attorney

Overwhelmed With Debts? Get Help From Our Madison Hills Bankruptcy Attorney

Getting behind by even just a few months on any of your debts can mean big trouble. In addition to being harassed by credit collection agencies, you may be faced with threats of foreclosure of your home or repossession of your personal belongings. At the office of Karen E. Evangelista, P.C., our Auburn Hills bankruptcy attorney is here to help people who are overwhelmed in situations like this. With over 30 years practicing bankruptcy law in Michigan, we provide solutions to help get you out of debt.  

Solutions To Your Financial Problems

Financial problems often occur due to no fault of your own. Circumstances in your life can occur that result in missing a few of your monthly payments. Once you fall behind, high interest rates and penalties can make it impossible to get caught up. Auburn Hills bankruptcy attorney Karen E. Evangelista understands how these types of situations happen, and offer solutions to dealing with the following types of debts:

  • Credit card bills;
  • Finance company loans;
  • Personal loans;
  • Unpaid utilities and rent payments;
  • Bank loans for mortgages or vehicles;
  • Medical debts and hospital expenses;
  • Court judgements;
  • Business loans;
  • Certain types of tax debts.

Through the Eastern District of Michigan branch of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, you may be able to eliminate a large portion of your overall debts, while renegotiating payment terms on other types of loans.

Bankruptcy as an Option

While there are plenty of myths about what bankruptcy is and who can file, the fact is that it was established as a program to help honest people get a fresh start on their finances. There are different types of bankruptcy you may be entitled to, depending on your situation, your income, and the types of debts you owe:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, which can help eliminate debts if you suffer a loss in income.   
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, which can eliminate some debts while allowing you to consolidate and lower payments on items such as your home or car.
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, which can help you salvage your business and negotiate payments with your suppliers and creditors.

To find out how bankruptcy might be able to help in your situation, call or contact our Auburn Hills bankruptcy attorney online today. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case and the options available to help you get a fresh start.


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